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WALLRAM stands for process improvement solutions for our customers through the use of our tools and machines. The high-quality, particularly precise and low-wear tools are used especially in the metal packaging industry, where high production speeds and special demands on the precision of the forming processes coincide.

Quality control

WALLRAM incorporates quality
Quality is the core element of WALLRAM’s corporate philosophy. As a result, internal control has the highest requirements regarding the tools being produced. High-quality equipment and comprehensive resources for quality assurance in the context of the quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 ensure the quality of the products we deliver – on request with measurement protocols as evidence of the delivered precision in compliance with the tight tolerances in the μm area.

All employees support the delivery of the best possible quality to our customers from diligent procurement of primary products and manufacturing on machines, which are partially developed and optimized by ourselves, to 100% control in the perfectly equipped test area: WALLRAM stands for quality.
WALLRAM – Documented precision
“An owner-operated, solid company like WALLRAM, with a clear commitment to further market growth, offers customers the security they need for the procurement and utilization of tools and long-term benefits.”

Success factors

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