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A large variety of metal packaging is available. Whether a two-piece or three-piece can, in the form of a tube, aerosol, or bottle: WALLRAM provides the right tools for the manufacturing process. Whether cupper press, bodymaker, or necker: WALLRAM tools can be found all over the world. The high quality and wear resistance of WALLRAM tools contribute to a reduction of production costs by extending the durability and reducing scrap. The comprehensive regrinding service increases the tool life cycle and, thus, supports sustainable and environmentally friendly production.


The cupper is the first station in the can production process. The cup is made from the coil and then further processed in the bodymaker. In order to form the best cup with optimal material use, the highest precision is required. WALLRAM tools can provide such results. The combination of several materials (e.g., carbide and ceramic) and the selection of the best grades is part of WALLRAM’s consulting services.


The bodymaker is a central unit for the production of cans. It is exposed to extreme physical stress – especially extreme wear and tear. Bodymaker tools made of carbide are best suited for the longest durability. The precision and quality of WALLRAM tools ensure the best product quality at the highest possible production speed.


The necker tool forms the upper part of the can so that a lid can be fitted later. To avoid any defects in the almost finished product, a sensitive forming process is required. Here, the preferred material is ceramic, but various types of carbide can also be used. WALLRAM has the necessary know-how to make the best choice for material selection.

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